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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What can EasyParagliding do for me?
EasyParagliding helps paragliding pilots travelling to flying sites, get connected with other pilots, get help to discover new sites and look for information form professionals and more experienced pilots.
What are the services for Pilots?
Through EasyParagliding, pilots can:
- Search for a lift to a take-off site
- Offer a lift to a take-off to share travelling costs
- Create groups and communities to exchange and real-time chat with other pilots
- Look for information from paragliding professionals
- Search an interactive map for schools, clubs and other pilots flying in the region
How does it work?
It's very easy. Just give a look at our How it Works page for the fundamentals and play a bit with it. You only need to register (with an e-mail address and your coordinates) if you decide to book or offer a lift, publish information or join/create your own groups.
What's in for Paragliding Schools?
Paragliding Schools can offer and advertise the empty seats on board of their vehicles when they travel to take-off sites.
They can also increase the visibility of the services they offer and get in touch with the pilots flying in the region. Interested in testing the service? Just request a free test period and let us know if you like it.
Is it for free?
The EasyParagliding portal is accessible by anyone and its basic services are completely for free. We do not take any fee or percentage and pilots are free to agree with each other if and how to share the cost of travelling to a take-off.
A Premium Access can be purchased, allowing creating bigger communities (up to 3 groups of 12 members each is for free for everybody) and handle the communication with larger groups of pilots. This can be useful to Paragliding Clubs and Associations to improve the way they communicate with large group members).
Professionals are asked to subscribe (see next question).
How does the subscription work for Professionals?
Professional Providers can subscribe to additional services like automatic billing customers when they book a ride to a take-off and customized functionalities. We generally offer a free trial period to help them evaluating what EasyParagliding can do for their business, before they can decide whether to subscribe to the service.


Are deals and info accessible to everybody?
Just browse the site: all deals and information published on the site are accessible to everybody and with no need for signing-up.
What do I get more if I do the free sign-up?
By signing up (completely for free, just a few information needed), you can book/offer a lift, publish information or join/create your own groups.
If I sign-up, who can see my personal information?
Only your nickname, photo and mini-bio will appear when you publish a deal or connect to a group. Your e-mail and phone number will only be communicated to people who take your deals, so that you can communicate with each other. We do not provide your personal information to anybody outside EasyParagliding.
I am a School/Club, what should I do to sign-up?
To sign-up as a professional, you can fill the form and EasyParagliding will reply and provide you a professional access.

How to find deals, take-offs sites, schools or clubs

How can I find a place or a take-off site?
The Find page offers different searching tools: you can toggle between them by clicking on the little logos above and below the "Where" field. "Geographical search" allows searching by name of places, while "Take-off Site search" makes you choose between thousands of official take-offs. If you know those places better than us and want to suggest adding or changing a take-off name, please let us know:
What are the "Types" in the search page?
By clicking on the "Type" field, you can select the kind of information you want to show on the interactive map. You can chose to show All information or just active Deals, Schools, Clubs or Flying Sites (take-offs and landings).
What does the map do?
The map shows in a graphical way the results you get from your search. The details of each result can be shown by clicking on the map symbols or on the items list on the left of teh page.
What is the meaning of the symbols on the map?
A color legend on the bottom right corner of the map helps you with the symbols.
Note that the Blue Point symbol is special: it shows your position and when you make an offer you can drag it on the map directly to the location you want to point (it will also report its Latitude and Longitude). This is a good alternative to the search engine for example when you need to point the summit of a mountain or a place in the middle of nowhere.

How to offer a lift

I plan go flying and I have empty seats. How can I advertise it?
Offering a deal only takes a few minutes and it will be published and visible to all EasyParagliding users. To offer a deal you need to register (it's for free).
You need to select Offer a Ride from the Deals menu or from your dashboard. A short 3-steps procedure can also be found in the How it Works page.
I am a School. Is there a way to offer rides with just a few clicks?
Yes: Professional users can use shortcuts for example to replicate past offers in just a few clicks, have most of the fields pre-filled and other functions to make the process fast and simple.

How to use the Connect function

What does the Connect functions do?
Connect allows you to create your groups of pilots to chat and exchange information with them. You invite whom you want – people you fly with or you simply like!
Anybody can create up to 3 groups of 12 people each. If you need more, please have a look at the Premium Access below.
What can I share through Connect?
You can send and receive large text messages (up to 1000 characters per message), links, photos, flying tracks etc.
What is the benefit of the Premium Access and how can it help Clubs activities?
Premium Access allows creating multiple groups of much larger size. This can be useful if you manage a Paragliding Club or association as a way to improve communication with and between members, to promote events and to send information. You can create different group depending on activity, interests, experience,…
Contact us if you want to know more.

Tricks to get up-to speed with EasyParagliding

How do I see if I have new messages?
New messages from EasyParagliding are signaled by a little orange wing on the menu bar (the menu bar is on the top right of every page). A little orange planet shows that there are new groups messages from your pilots' community.
What is the dashboard?
The dashboard is where you can access your personal information, settings and preferences. It also contains useful shortcuts to frequently accessed functions. To get there, just click on your profile picture in the menu bar (on the top of every page).
How can I see deals and info about my present location?
The What's up nearby? button in the Home Page (just below the FIND windows) uses geopositioning to show in a single click all deals and information avaialble around your present location.
How can I write a review or give a rating?
You can rate and review most of the information you see on the site: flying sites, schools, clubs, pilots, events... To do that, you need to click on Write a review (it usually appears every time you open the details of an item). Ratings are a quick way to express your satisfaction: 1 is lowest, 5 is highest.
How to speed-up offer making?
You can set preferred locations and some other useful preferences in your profile. When making an offer; EasyParagliding will propose your preferences as default.
How can I join a group or create my own groups?
Using groups is very easy. Click on the Connect menu (top right corner, next to your profile picture) or check the Connect section below.

Your contribution

What if I have a suggestion or want to contact EasyParagliding?
Any suggestion, comment or idea is welcome! Please send it here: contact us
I like EasyParagliding so much I would like to give some money to contribute keeping it alive. How can I do it?
We can certainly help with that. Donations give EasyParagliding a chance to keep improving and offer better services to pilots everywhere. If you feel like contributing, please click here
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