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How it works

EasyParagliding is a community marketplace connecting paragliding pilots who want to share their passion by flying with other pilots or get in touch with paragliding communities. Its aim is to make paragliding pilots life easier when it comes to travelling to a take-off, discovering new sites and getting in touch with other pilots.

Looking for a lift to a take-off?
Empty seats you want to share?
Want to create your community to stay in touch?

At any time you can also...

  • Check all your active or past deals at any time from the dashboard (click on Deals on the menu bar visible from any page).
  • Check for new messages: new messages from EasyParagliding are signaled by a little orange wing on the menu bar (these are system messages, eg. to confirm that a deal has been taken or that you need to confirm a proposal). A little orange planet shows that there are new groups messages from the pilots community.
  • Go back to the homepage from any place in the site, just click on the EasyParagliding logo (always on the top left corner of the page).
  • You can leave comments on a flight/ride and rate drivers, schools and clubs at any time. This can be done by editing the details of an offer, a site or a school and click on Write a review. You can rate you preference on a 1 to 5 scale and live a comment.
  • Look at the flights offers and published information like take-off sites and schools. Anybody at any time can freely do it without providing any information. If you decide to take an offer or to offer a ride, you need to sign-in with your name and coordinates. It’s for free and we won’t send you any crappy advertising, promised !

We conceived this site as a free platform to better enjoy our common passion for paragliding. If you think we are doing a good job, you can help us improving and maintaining EasyParagliding alive with a small donation HERE if you feel so.

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